I absolutely Love my matching bag and clutch! Fabulous quality and fantastic customer service. My bag is so roomy, stylish and lightweight, and it’s waterproof! I highly recommend these bags to anyone who is looking for a bag that’s practical yet stylish. Thank You, Waruda Lane!

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Finding a stylish multipurpose bag isn’t easy when you’re a Mum of two.
This bag ticks all the boxes as I put this bag through its paces on a day out to the beach with the family. Firstly, I hate the look of those typical beach bags. You know the ones I’m talking about. Bright colours, flowers stamped all of them and sometimes made out of straw (gross!) The style of the Waruda Lane line is simple and classic, which means you can take it anywhere with you and you don’t have to swap over bags. Secondly, their bags are water resistant. It’s made from really soft neoprene material. While I love carrying my leather nappy bag everywhere with me, I would hate to destroy it by exposing it to the sun, sand and water. The Waruda Lane bag can be used in these harsh conditions and retain its quality and look. Thirdly the size is perfect! It’s large enough to carry all your necessary items for you and the kiddies including one large compartment (which I used to put Mia’s wet swimmers as it has a waterproof inner lining) and two pockets which I used for nappies and keys and an outer pocket where I placed my phone. I also highly recommend getting the Piccolo Clutch which can match your larger bag. Instead of carrying my bulky wallet, I put my money, cards and ID, as well as my lipstick and any, make up I want to take with me can fit in there. I pop that in my Milano Misto tote and off I go! After a day at the beach and once we were showered and changed, we were then able to head to a restaurant for dinner and I didn’t feel the need to bring another bag with me. I headed in with my Waruda Lane bag and loved that it went with my black ensemble that I wore to dinner that night. Don’t you think this bag sounds amazing?!

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I love this bag it's everything I wanted in looks and style and it's waterproof which is amazing!

Wendy - Facebook


I Love my bag!! It’s so roomy and I don’t have any issues trying to find keys or anything like I do in my other bags. It’s also very comfortable to carry; lightweight and doesn’t cut into my shoulder like my other bags. Thank You so much again!

Reed - Instagram


I’m loving my bag! I take it everywhere, it’s especially handy as a beach bag because I live right across the road from the beach. Received so many compliments on it too!

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These bags look stunning and such awesome value compared to most other brands! Looks like they're gonna sell out pretty quickly!

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I couldn't be happier!! Amazing quality bags that looks and feels great! 

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